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The main Lodge

The Bait-Masters philosophy is that after a big day in the outdoors (successful or unsuccessful), you deserve a great meal and fine surroundings. The main Bait-Master’s lodge offers hunters a roomy cedar atmosphere with all of the amenities.


This place is what a lodge should look like. Lots of fine taxidermy, piles of enormous Saskatchewan whitetail sheads, a B&C black bear in the corner of the living room, photo albums chronicling the successes of countless hunts and best of all – the atmosphere that only a great hunting lodge can develop. You “gotta be there” to appreciate it…


The fishing Lodge


The Fleet

We got what you need to have

successful hunt.


How many outfitters do you know that buy decoys by the semi-trailor load? Floaters, shells, Canadas, Snows – you name it.

Bait-Masters is equipped with enough decoys, bail-blinds, floating barge blinds and anything else required to ensure full bag limits and the hunt of your life! 


Our location

Green Lake, Northwest Saskatchewan

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